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Family Owned

Established in 2023 on Tamborine Mountain by Sebastian and Siobhan, Tamborine Mountain Jerky is inspired by Sebastian’s Grandfather ‘Poppa’ and his recipe from the 70’s. After 30 years of eating Poppa's Jerky, Sebastian began making it himself. It quickly gained popularity as a healthy snack with a broad appeal due to its natural ingredients and absence of artificial additives.

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Generational Recipe

Our marinate recipe, developed by the founders' Grandfather in Winton 50+ years ago, reduces meat waste by utilizing extra cuts.The recipe has remained unchanged and is a family tradition. Our meat is marinated for 3 days to infuse flavor into every bite. Our drying process has shifted from wood fire ovens to dehydrators, enabling precise control of temperature and moisture. This ensures consistent batches of jerky and a flavorsome steak-like experience with each bite.

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Our Story. Video by Scenic Rim Farm Box.